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Dynamic Logo Redesign: Feiyue


p5.js, Adobe Photoshop

Created in October 2019

This project uses p5.js coding to redesign the logo of Shanghai based shoe brand, Feiyue, to be adaptable to the classic low top, high top, and kids' shoe styles. Drawing inspiration from the brand name 飞跃 (Feiyue), which translates into "flying forwards," the new design takes the form of interconnected triangles that reflect the shape of a wing, all while maintaining the sharp, forwards gesture found in the original logo.

See source code here.

Read more about it here.

Classic Low Top Logo

The three triangles take on a flatter composition to fit the low top shoe form.

High Top Logo

The three triangles take on a more vertical and narrower composition to fill the high top's taller silhouette.

Kid's Logo

Two triangles take on a thicker shape and more square composition to convey a more playful and youthful look. Without a third triangle, this logo reflects the preliminary stage to adulthood in which children will eventually grow into their third "wing". 

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