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RE: Educating the Masses (2019)

RE: is a graphic design project created to educate the public about the wasteful nature of the fast fashion industry. It aims to increase awareness about consumer shopping habits and promote sustainable practices. The QR code at the bottom of each poster leads viewers to a website coded in HTML and CSS that provides more information about fast fashion waste and additional resources of how to dress more sustainably.

Read more about it here.

VISION: a Communicative Necklace (2019)

VISION is a speculative design created for future wearers to communicate between languages with the help of visual holographic aids. Presented in the form of a user guide, the project considers how future technology can impact human interaction in a positive way. 

Dynamic Logo Redesign: Feiyue (2019)

This project uses p5.js coding to redesign the logo of Shanghai based shoe brand, Feiyue, to be adaptable to the classic low top, high top, and kids' shoe styles. Drawing inspiration from the brand name 飞跃 (Feiyue), which translates into "flying forwards," the new design takes the form of interconnected triangles that reflect the shape of a wing, all while maintaining the sharp, forwards gesture found in the original logo.

See source code here.

Read more about it here.

DVD Cover Design System: Wong Kar Wai Trilogy (2019)