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RE: Educating the Masses (2019)


Adobe Illustrator, HTML & CSS

Created in March 2019

RE: is a sustainability campaign created to educate the public about the wasteful nature of the fast fashion industry. It aims to increase awareness about consumer shopping habits and promote sustainable practices. A series of six posters were designed to call the public's attention to shocking facts about the industry. A QR code at the bottom of each poster leads viewers to a website coded in HTML and CSS that provides more information about fast fashion waste and additional resources of how to dress more sustainably.

Read more about it here.

Each of the posters call attention to a different aspect of the negative impacts of fast fashion in order to move readers to further educate themselves on ways they can make a change for sustainability. 

The website provides three ways in which readers can take action: conscious buying, DIY, and getting inspired by leaders in the sustainable movement. 


The Conscious Buying page contains a list of sustainable retailers and a way to find more options, allowing them to find a diverse range of options that doesn’t make them sacrifice style for sustainability.


DIY offers two options to take things into your own hands and make do with what you already own. First is a list of different apps and websites that allow individuals to sell and buy secondhand clothes. Next are a couple ways in which consumers can upcycle their clothes by transforming what they have into something completely new.


The last page, Get Inspired, covers three different individuals whose projects have unique takes on the sustainable movement. Readers can see the innovations leading us towards more sustainability and become inspired to make their own sustainable impact.

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