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Floating Steps

Speculative Architecture

Unity, After Effects

Created in October 2021

San Francisco's Moraga Steps are reimagined into a floating staircase sitting above endless ocean. The Moraga Steps' mosaic imagery is recreated into an animated journey from the ocean to the sun. Elements from the existing stairs are taken into a surrealist form with spheres of fog, suspended pods of greenery, and a glittering handrail. 


Moraga Steps



Ethereal Nature

light fog.gif
fog plants.jpeg

Concept Sketches

My initial concept sketches included glass stairs, LED handrails, and surrounding greenery, and orbs of fog to fill the surrounding space.

I was particularly inspired by Nobuhiro Nakanishi's Layer Drawings, which are a sequence of translucent inkjet prints on film where each print shows a slightly different print than the last, reminiscent of animation frames. I thought of using this technique to create the effect of watching an animation as you walk up the stairs.


Animated Graphics

My idea of using animation frames evolved to creating animations that would project over each flight of stairs.​

The animations were designed to seamlessly loop and flow into each other as part of a unified journey.

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