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Wong Kar Wai DVD Set

Generative Packaging Design

p5.js, Adobe Photoshop

Created in December 2019

This design project utilizes p5.js coding to create a generative design system for Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai's informal trilogy, consisting of the movies Days of Being Wild (1990), In the Mood for Love (2000), and 2046 (2004). The system includes redesigned DVD jacket and disc covers.


The unifying element in each of these designs is the representation of missed connections through lines that symbolize the progression of relationships throughout the movies. To distinguish each movie within the design system, one significant element from each was added to the covers. Perlin noise was the key function in creating the effect of varied sized ellipses to form these graphics, which emulates the grainy film styles of the movies. The generative code draws out the designs over time when it is run, incorporating the motif of passing time within the three movies. 

Read more about it here.


Days of Being Wild

Two curved lines follow one straight line, representing two women's tumultuous relationships with Yuddy. 

A clock points at 3 pm, representing the fleeting minute that Yuddy and Su spend together.

See the cover in motion and the source code here.

dobw mockup.jpg
dobw cover.jpg
dobw disc.jpg

In the Mood
for Love

Two lines converge and diverge, but never touch. They represent a relationship that skirts on the edges of romance but never becomes reality. 

A stairwell references to the one Chow and Su just barely miss each other on, symbolizing the plot of the film. 


See the cover in motion and the source code here.

itmfl mockup.jpg
itmfl cover.jpg
itmfl disc.jpg


Overlapping lines curve towards and away from each other, representing Chow's many relationships that form and dissipate while he grieves his relationship with Su.

Chow's fictional train leaves 2046, representing his journey to reconcile his futile longing.


See the cover in motion and the source code here.

2046 mockup.jpg
2046 cover.jpg
2046 disc.jpg
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