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Hi, I'm Jennifer.

I'm a digital designer with a passion for creating impactful visual narratives. 

With a life-long love for creating captivating visuals, I grew up immersing myself in imaginative worlds I made with graphite and acrylic paint. Since then, I've taken these worlds to my computer screen, where I play with digital storytelling through graphic, web, and motion design. Through a narrative lens on color and movement, I design with the motivation to subvert the expected with thoughtful intention.

I recently graduated from New York University's Shanghai campus with a major in Interactive Media Arts, which focuses on the intersection between media and technology. Currently, I design websites and brands as a junior visual designer at Code and Theory. Born and raised in San Francisco, I've been criss-crossing between SF, New York City, and Shanghai in the past few years. In my free time, you can find me snapping film photos, rewatching Wong Kar Wai movies, teaching myself the drums, or co-running my print shop @kind.print.

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